If you don’t read anything else but this, you should know that Robert’s personal mission in life is creating a healthy environment where others can reach their full potential to excel at life and contribute positively to humanity.

Robert has spent most of his 20-year career as a change agent within IT at the UGA and Miami University, & currently is the CIO at Armstrong University. His background in cellular and microbiology focused on how living organisms use adaptive mechanisms to survive and thrive in changing environments. This directly translates to the open systems model for organizational success. And makes him an awesome teammate for trivia night.

He has a MS degree in leadership & organizational change (OC) that helps him put proven, scientific principles of managing OC to practice within large, complex organizations, specifically managing the disruptive forces of technology. Robert knows the functional domains of IT and is a leader who balances stability and innovation across the technology lifecycle. He believes the value of IT is in increasing competitive advantage for the university and helping others reach their full potential. By focusing on the people side of change, he has been able to achieve better outcomes for universities and a much more satisfied constituency.

He also has experience in improving existing services & making business models sustainable while in declining budget environments. He is a team player who can lead & get things done by involvement and inclusion, not only direct line of authority.

Along with his administrator role, he is an adjunct faculty member at Miami, teaching upper level courses on topics including mobility; business intelligence & data visualization; digital marketing; entrepreneurship; organizational behavior focused game mechanics; and innovation & disruptive thinking. He teaches at the graduate level regarding sentiment analysis in social media networks for informed business decisions.

His personal mission in life is to create a healthy environment where others can reach their full potential to excel at life & contribute positively to humanity.

To maintain sanity and energy, he loves learning at least two new things a year and stretching out of his comfort zones, which requires that he not take himself too seriously. Hobbies includes SCUBA, ballroom dancing, racquetball, running, rockclimbing, hiking, wood working, making soups and cooking, especially if it involves fire.

Specialties: Leading organization wide organizational change initiatives; consensus building…with a solid decision at the end; forecasting technology impacts on business practices; developing executing strategy and; listening and communicating; aligning resources with institutional objectives; reducing cost on utility IT functions to return budget and/or invest in strategic and transformative initiatives.

He currently resides in Savannah, GA with his lovely wife and three beautiful children.




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