IT Mission and Vision

Here is my take on the mission and vision for IT at a university. It’s not about the technology…it is about what the technology can enable. In the IT arena world most define our means of getting things done as people, process, and technology. All are important, but I’ve bet my career on fundamentally understanding the people part of that equation. Technology will change rapidly; processes will need to shift to meet different outcomes; however, people’s basic needs are foundational to all of this and the most stable. I think I’ve made a good bet. Robert

Vision for IT

We help people reach their fullest potential by helping
them use technology to connect with others, discover knowledge,
express ideas, and transform our daily lives.

Mission of IT

We are committed to providing excellent technology services and creating an environment for success for the students, faculty, and staff by…

… creating a culture of exceptional service that leads to student success while advancing scholarship and research

… providing leadership and support so our constituents may best use technology to reach their goals

… focusing on outcomes and seeking to eliminate inefficient processes

… being excellent stewards of resources of money, staff time, and the environment

… endeavoring to improve communication, services, and relationships

… innovating and adapting so as to meet the ever-changing needs of our constituents


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