Casey, Eva, Preston, and me

I have things to say, but I’ve felt trapped by wanting to do this “right” so have postponed starting actually saying things. I couldn’t figure out a clever name, so I started researching what makes a good blog name.There were some places that gave technical advice, others gave hints of good help if I paid them some money for their 3, 8,12, 20 steps…wait, those were easy steps. All in all I came away with the following:

  1. be concise
  2. be unique
  3. be relevant to your topic
  4. know your audience

I’ve learned each of these lessons before. Most after missing the mark. Most more than once.

So, what do I want to say, and who do I want to talk with?

Cathartically, there are some things I just need to say to get off my chest and maybe just hear how it sounds. My family and friends may want to hear what’s going on in my life. I figure people that work for and with me may be interested in my interpretation of events that may show up in their lives. Perhaps, as I look for new opportunities, people may want to know if my thoughts, etc are a good fit for what they need.

Sometimes these things need to be said in more than a twitter-facebook-a-rific update. I’m all about the elevator speech for lots of things, especially if it’s a pitch that will hook you for the real story, but sometimes my thoughts simply take more than 140 characters. And for God’s sake, grammar, punctuation, and nice, juicy words from a life spent enjoying books and reading can at least be attempted if not mastered.

u ok w/ tht?

That’s how I came up with the name. I figured that most people care about my thoughts and musings as it impacts them and relates to their lives. So, this is Me. As it relates to You.

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2 thoughts on “First.

  1. Hey Robert. I am absolutely elated that you have accepted the offer to become our new CIO. I advocated very strongly on your behalf, but I suspect there was strong agreement that you would be selected. We have so much to do here technology-wise, but I think you bring the right skill set to make things happen. I look forward to working with you. Best,
    Wayne Johnson

    • Wayne,

      I am delighted to be heading to AASU, and I appreciate your support. I felt a really good connection with the campus throughout the interview. My wife and I are excited about the opportunity.

      Let’s grab lunch when I get down there in April!

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